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   Brian grew up with a love for film scores and recording technology. As a kid he could often be found tinkering with his parents stereo equipment and any other electronic devices he could get his hands on.


  An avid record collector, by the time he attended college at the University of Arizona, he had amassed a collection of over 1,000, and his dorm room was known as "the music library."  At 20 he took up guitar and devoloped an interest in audio recording. His affinity for such handiwork led to a Masters Degree in audio recording from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. He coupled his passion for recording engineering with a move to Los Angeles in 1997, first finding work with movie trailers, and evolving into music editing which he felt was the perfect fit for his creative skill set. 


   Brian has done work in both TV & Film, and worked with directors including JJ Abrams, Patty Jenkins, John Frankenheimer, Ben Stiller, Betty Thomas, David Mamet and Anthony Hopkins (who once cooked him spicy sea bass and ate at his dining room table). 

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