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Weird City (TV Series)

Director: Amy Heckerling

YouTube Originals

Composer: Chad Fischer

The Boys (TV Series)

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Amazon Studios

Composer: Christopher Lennertz

I Feel Pretty - Final

Director: Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein

STX Entertainment

Composer:  Michael Andrews


In The Dark (TV Series)

Director: Michael Showalter

Red Hour Films

Composer: Brooke & Will Blair

Icarus – Temp/Final 

Director: Bryan Fogel


Composer: Adam Peters

The Edge of Seventeen - Temp

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig

STX Entertainment

Composer:  Atli Örvarsson



The Foreigner - Temp

Director: Martin Campbell 

STX Entertainment

Composer: Cliff Martinez


Bull (TV Series) 

Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Amblin Television 

Composer: Jeff Russo 


Ben-Hur – Temp/Final 

Director: Timur Bekmambetov 

MGM Studios

Composer: Marco Beltrami 


Betrayal (TV Series) 

Director: Patty Jenkins

Remainder Men

Composer: BT

Alvin & The Chipmunks

The Squeakquel -  Playback

Director: Betty Thomas

Twentieth Century Fox

Composer: David Newman

Animal Kingdom (TV Series) 

Director: John Wells

John Wells Productions 

Composers: Samuel Jones & Alexis Marsh 


Revolution (TV Series) 

Director: Jon Favreau

Bad Robot

Composer: Christopher Lennertz 

The Southpark Movie - Assistant Music Editor

Director: Trey Parker

Paramount Pictures

Composer: Mark Shaiman

Underclassman – Temp/Final 

Director: Marcos Siega 

Underclassman Films Ltd. 

Composer: BT

10 Items or Less– Final 

Director: Brad Silberling 

Reveal Entertainment 

Composer: Antonio Pinto 

Behind Enemy Lines– Temp/Final 

Director: John Moore 

Twentieth Century Fox

Composer: Don Davis 

Tropic Thunder– Temp 

Director: Ben Stiller 

Red Hour Films
Composer: Theodore Shapiro 


Alcatraz (TV Series) 

Director: Danny Cannon
Bad Robot
Composers: Andrea Datzman & Chris Tilton


The Following (TV Series) 

Director: Marcos Siega

Outerbanks Entertainment

Composer: John Frizzell

Vamps – Temp & Final 

Director: Amy Heckerling 

Lucky Monkey Pictures 

Composer: David Kitay


Stalker (TV Series)
Director: Liz Friedlander 

Outerbanks Entertainment

Composer: John Frizzell


The Change-Up – Temp 

Director: David Dobkin 

Universal Pictures 

Composer: John Debney 


Season of the Witch – Final 

Director: Dominic Cena
Atlas Entertainment
Composer: Atli Örvarsson 


The Messenger – Temp/Final 

Director: Oren Moverman 

Composer: Nathan Larson 


Max Payne – Temp
Director: John Moore
Abandon Entertainment
Composers: Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders 


Redbelt – Temp/Final 

Director: David Mamet
Sony Pictures Classics 

Composer: Stephen Endelman 

Shoot ‘Em Up – Temp 

Director: Michael Davis 

New Line Cinema 

Composer: Paul Haslinger 


Slipstream – Temp/Final 

Director: Anthony Hopkins 

Strand Releasing
Composer: Anthony Hopkins 

Fever Pitch – Temp/Final
Director: Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly 

Fox 2000 Pictures
Composer: Craig Armstrong 


Monster – Final 

Director: Patty Jenkins 

Media 8 Entertainment 

Composer: BT


Me, Myself & Irene – Final 

Director: Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly 

Twentieth Century Fox

Composers: Lee Scott & Peter Yorn 


Into the West (TV Mini-series) 

Director: Jeremy Podeswa

DreamWorks Television
Composer: Geoff Zanelli 


Cinema Verite – Playback

HBO Films

Director: Shari Springer Berman

Composer: Rolfe Kent

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